The Upstairs (Second) Bathroom

I really had difficulty deciding on the colors for my upstairs bathroom. I've always like the seashell shower curtain and towel set that I have up there and I wanted to keep them. Fortunately, the walls were white when I bought the home, too many years ago to admit, so taking colors from the shower curtain seemed to make the most sense. And, I wanted to stay with the seashell theme I had in mind back when I bought those things, so I chose the blue and brown and plan to put white trim between the two colors, when I finish the painting. I may even adhere some of the pretty shells I've aquired over the years to the white trim, all the way around the room. I'll have to finish the painting and get the trim up before I try out that part of the plan. It takes me awhile to get projects completed, but here's how far I've gotten, to date.

Last updated October 24, 2015