The Arts and Crafts Room

I know these are going to look like the "before" photos of a "before and after" project, but sadly enough, they're not. It was SO bad in this room that I never even TOOK before photos. At one point, in the middle of it all was my bed, as I had an unexpected increase in roommate population there for a bit. Actually, though, these are photos of the "during phase" and I haven't a clue how much or how quickly I'll progress through it to completion, but I'm determined to "get 'er done" (one of these days).

Fact is, my craftroom may never be finished. It's near the bottom of the priority list of projects at the moment and it's where I go to play, not to work. It's hard to get motivated to work in the fun room! Still, at this point I have the wall shelves installed and I can work on my projects. I at least know where everything is - generally - even if it's not all organized (yet).

You'd have to know how many years I've been collecting all these things, mostly in boxes because my house was full. But when my Mother passed away and my son grew up and left home, I finally had room for a craftroom of my own. It actually took a couple of rounds of re-boxing and moving between rooms before I finally settled into this one, but hopefully I'm done with moving it around the house - at least for long enough to get it coompletely organized as I want it...once...just biggest domestic dream.

    I enjoy painting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidery work, counted cross stitch (though I haven't been able to do much fine needlework with the arthritis and hand surgeries). I love to make rubber stamped and embossed cards and other projects and I'm just starting to learn about working with polymer clay!

Last updated September 3, 2015