When my son was young, I was home most of the time - unless I was in church or at school. One of my favorite hobbies was - and still is - sewing and the more creative, the better. My favorite projects were those I did for churches and clergy. It's so fun to be creative with machine applique! I have to admit, though, that the ELCA banner was a real nail biter. Read more about that, below.


There were three of us interested on bidding this project. They sent each of us the design printed on standard printing paper but failed to note the scale. When the other two found out how big the banner was to be rendered, they dropped out! It hung atthe first ELCA convention, from hydraulics in the Gonzaga gymnasium. You can see from the comparative size of the seated woman just how big it is. Yet, I made it all on my kitchen table - just like everything else!
Special thanks to a wonderful woman I knew at the time, named Sue Bunch. I've long since lost track of her but she was the person who gave me the book about how to do fabric applique on the sewing machine. (Gave me my famous coconut macraroon recipe, too!)

Last updated September 3, 2015